Mon Dieu and XIIL - Looking over your shoulder

This is the public results of a master's thesis, by Anton Persson. The program is owned by Ericsson Microwave AB, in Luleň.

Short description

Mon Dieu and XIIL are two plug-in applications for OpenSSH. Their purpose is to record the data transfered via port forwarding. The recordings can be viewed later. The reasons for developing such software is that Ericsson has SSH access to their customers hardware, for support reasons. However, the customers are not fully satisfied with just controlling who has access, they want to make sure that people are not doing anything they should not do. If something goes wrong the logs can be analyzed to see why it went wrong.
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2003-12-03: Several preview versions of the report is available.

Download the report.

Mon Dieu and XIIL are (c) 2003 by Ericsson Microwave AB
733 Productions is (c) 1999-2000 by Anton Persson & Ted Bjorling
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